Olivier Lardière

PhD, Astronomical Instrumentation Scientist

at the Adaptive Optics Lab of the University of Victoria, BC, Canada

Previously, I worked at the Observatoire de Haute-Provence in the LISE team

and at the Osservatorio Astrofisico di Arcetri (from 2002 to 2004)
in the Adaptive Optics group
(AO-ELT post-doc)

My astronomical interests and works :
        - Extrasolar planets and solar system, 
        - Adaptive Optics and Stellar Interferometry
        - High dynamic-range imaging with Coronagraphy
        - Extremely Large Telescope and Hypertescope design,
        - Telescope control
        - Solar sails for satellite positionning

Current and past projects :

My Curriculum Vitae

My Publications List (with downloadable papers)

My PhD thesis was about :

"Contrôle des télescopes automatiques et des grands interféromètres stellaires terrestres et spatiaux :
cas du télescope prototype OVLA à monture sphérique et optique active"

        - Abstract (english/french)
- Full thesis manuscript (only in french) is available in PDF file (11.7Mo)
        - Only the first chapters of my thesis about  telescope control (PDF, 3Mo)

Slides of a lecture given at the Collège de France (6/02/2001) about space interferometer free-flyers controled by small solar sails (in french).

My Hobbies are:

Eclipse Turkish Flag

Amateur Astronomy
(Telescope making, Astrophotography, Deep-sky, Comets, Solar eclipses...) 

Mountaineering and back-country skiing
Ocean kayak Ocean kayak

Biking :

I bike everyday to work, to take the children to school, for shopping, etc.
From Sept. 2004, I have a total of:

  Visitez le site du vélo utile au quotidien: Tous-en-selle.org

Last update : 04/10/2008


Adaptive Optics Lab
Department of Mechanical Engineering
University of Victoria
Victoria, BC, Canada
V8W 3P6

Phone: (250) 721-8624

lardiere#uvic.ca  (replace # by @)